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Thursday, September 4, 2014

How About a Guaranteed Car Loan to Simplify Your Life?

Chances are, if you need a car, you need it quickly. You don't have time to mess around with a long, boring want to get the money, get the car, and go on with your I right? The problem is, in many cases, getting a car loan can be a laborious process that takes hours (if not days) and in the end, you still don't get what you want! Let's look at the case of all those "PRE-APPROVAL" offers you get in the mail.

I mean, it sounds pretty good if you are already approved, right? The problem is, you're not! In small print, it usually says something along the lines of the stated rate is only available to those with certain credit scores and final approval is subject to verification of your credit history using your social security number. Basically, the pre-approvals letters aren't worth the paper they were written on in most cases. Sure they lure you in, but in the end, your credit will largely determine what your rate is no matter what the paper says and in some cases, depending on your credit, they won't even issue you a loan at all! Now, how much of a waste of time would that turn out to be? If you need a car no matter what, then a guaranteed car loan may be the best option for you.

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A guaranteed car loan is just that. Companies and websites that offer these loans GUARANTEE you will get a car loan, many times in minutes. You simply fill out the requisite paperwork, hit submit and wait for your approval. You will then be able to get the funds necessary to go out and get the car you need asap without having to way forever trying to get a loan the traditional way.

Now, keep in mind that a guaranteed car loan will often be issued at a higher rate than one issued in the traditional sense, but for those with less than perfect credit or that need to get their hands on funds asap, this higher rate is more than worth it. For one thing, the funds are GUARANTEED. If you need a vehicle to get to your job or to transport your kids to and from school etc, then sometimes you are simply not in a place to be choosy. You need a car and you need it now. This makes these types of loans very handy indeed. In addition, as your credit improves and/or you have more time available to you, you can shop your existing loan around to various financial institutions who maybe be able to refinance it at a later time for a much lower rate.

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